" First pre-school in Telangana only for day care ,providing option of video live streaming for working parents to monitor their child from their workplace."

"Innovative, planned curriculum"

"We are one family working, loving and learning under one roof"

The balanced approach implemented in the Kindergarten curriculum is reflected in the rhythm set by the daily activities built around the various practices, which set a framework for the overall development needs of this age group. Teachers are also observers, as they document the students’ progress at work and play.
  • Gardening and Working with Nature
  • Clay Work and Pottery
  • Art and Craft
  • Physical Education
  • Theatre, Storytelling and Puppetry
  • Excursions and Field Trips



Our learning and teaching philosophy is based on experiential learning and multiple Intelligence, where the child will learn through different experiences within one’s learning space. At Sanfort we focus on enhancing the different abilities of children like Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic, Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic and Bodily-Kinesthetic


Learning opportunities are fun and stimulating created to enrich, equip and challenge with facilities like Junior Library, Outdoor Play Zone, Audio-Visual Lab, Sleeping Room, Splash Pool. A place where you and your child are valued and where lifelong friendships begin and for all-round development & learning under one roof.